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Patricia Nubine is dedicated to the cause of Christ. She is an up and coming Christian writer. She is a graduate of Akron University with a Bachelors of Science degree in Biology. She is an accomplished gospel vocalist with a praise and worship CD entitled “Bless Your Name.” She is also a songwriter, an author and awesome chef. She is the loving wife of Eddy Nubine Sr. and the proud mother of three children, Eddy Jr., Elijah, and Brianna.

Patricia Nubine, a scribe appointed for this season to inspire all to reach their inherent God-given ability to their fullest potential. Patricia has a gift for using everyday experiences and giving them real life applications for these experiences to impact the lives of her readers so they will be changed to be all that God wants them to be.

In 1993 , Patricia began to be awakened from her sleep early in the mornings with inspirations/reflections from the Holy Spirit She would experience thoughts that would be so impressed upon her that she believed she had a mandate from God to write these things down. Patricia has continued to write and has kept such writings in journals over the past 20 years. She now feels impressed that it is time to release the oil that has been poured into her by God into the lives of others.

Patricia Nubine is a gifted scribe appointed by God for this season to inspire, motivate, and encourage all to reach their inherent God-given ability to their fullest potential. Patricia has a passion for teaching and expounding upon God’s word in a fresh new and insightful way. She desires to see others propelled into their purpose and to become all that God would have them to become. She is a gifted singer and songwriter. She released her debut worship CD “Bless Your Name” in Phoenix Arizona.

My hope is that the reader will experience the manifold presence of God in their life as i have experienced in the presence of God. My desire as a writer is to inspire others to reach beyond what they can see into a place where God can replace your fear with faith and your faults with favor. I desire to see people propelled into their purpose and becoming productive citizens in God’s kingdom. This up and coming author is on a mission to reach as many souls through writing as possible.

Some of Patricia’s career highlights include:
She is currently the co-founder of Flowing Rivers Ministries.
Taught biology at a private school
She is a much sought after speaker
God has given her a rhema word for the times we live in
She has taken theological studies in Alaska
Completed Ministerial Classes in Chicago, IL
She released a debut CD titled “Bless Your Name”
Organized and created a Sunday School program that all ages in Alaska
She spoke to hundreds at a Women’s Conferences in Seoul South Korea, Arizona, Ohio, Washington D.C., Maryland, Oklahoma, and other locations.
She is a State Convocation Speaker
She is a Women's seminar speaker and a Marriage seminar speaker
She is a Certified Fitness Instructor
She operates in the roles of Wife, mother, Fitness Instructor, and Substitute teacher.

In her spare time she enjoys reading, surfing the internet and preparing gourmet meals for her family.

What happens when everything in your world seems to be backwards, upside-down, or twisted inside out? This is how the Ourway family has lived for quite some time. But all of this is getting ready to change Come on in and experience the change as we explore through pictures and words what a difference being kind can make!

This book is written so that children can see in a simple way that God loves them and desires that they seek him at an early age. The simplicity in which it is written along with awesome illustrations makes this a book that children will want to read over and over again!

Item & Quantity
These CD's are anointed masterpieces that will bless the listener as well as encourage them to bless God. The songwriting that was captured during the recording is deep, meaningful, and uplifting. We pray that as you listen to these wonderful musical works, they will quickly become a soundtrack for your life.
EDDY NUBINE: Time With The Father
EDDY NUBINE: Put Your Trust In Him
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